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Hello there, traveller. My name is Søren.

What is a humanist? It is someone who believes in the rights of human beings to a fulfilling life. A humanist advocates for critical thinking instead of staunch ideology, and believes that humans alone have the power to give meaning to their lives. A humanist believes in democracy and human rights. As a humanist I believe we all have a responsibility to work for the common good.

My academic background is in environmental science, geography, communication, and political science. I love talking about my interests (that sounded a lot less self-absorbed in my head) and sharing information about this fascinating world with other people. I enjoy listening to political podcasts and read mainly scientific and historical fiction, although I also enjoy reading science fiction (particularly middle-grade series), as I write a middle-grade scifi series.

I grew up in a household where critical thinking was a cherished skill, and was taught to question the dominant narratives in society. I was also encouraged to cultivate and develop my interests in science and society; my upbringing has had a huge impact on my worldview. In addition, my long tour through many academic fields has given me a broader understanding of the world.

When I am not working on the weekly blog posts or working at my regular job that I swear I do have, I might be found playing my violin, spending time outside, learning languages, building LEGOs, or writing my science fiction novels.

I prefer to look on the future as something which is not written in stone. – Captain Jean-Luc Picard

You should never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth. – Dr. Thomas Stockmann, from Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People

You’re only young once, but immaturity and childish behaviour can last a lifetime – on the back of a shirt I own

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